Highlights of Yesterday’s Debate

If you didn’t watch last night’s debate, you can still watch it on YouTube here. You did miss out on the experience though because Twitter and Snap(Chat) were alight, intense, and hilarious, but it’s okay everyone gets to misstep once in a while.

Some serious notes: I thought the moderator was supposed to fact check during the night; a thing that didn’t really seem to be happening, which was disappointing and irritating. The moderator also did nothing to curb the interruptions, of which there were tons. Some of the answers were actually great from both sides, but while Hillary just fell flat on a platitude or two, I had no idea what Trump was trying to say sometimes.

I really don’t think this debate was sufficient enough to pull anyone off the fence on either side, which isn’t great because I think a debate should aim to change minds. Both of them kept their choirs, though Donald Trump seemed to be losing his grip on everything else to be honest.

It was pretty fun though. For me at least. For other it seems like the existential dread soaked into their bones.


Now onto some highlights! Not in any particular order:

  • Jill Stein being escorted off the Hofstra campus.
  • “Trump’d up trickle down.”
  • Hillary’s high-lighting of the black community being punctured with a loud Donald sigh.
  • “A very against police judge”
  • The US is a third-world country.
  • “Braggadocious.”
  • Hillary Clinton actually talked about institutionalized racism
  • Donald Trump awkwardly blowing into the microphone while Hillary talked about Russia’s cyber attacks.
  • Donald Trump’s attack on 400 pound people.
  • No one called Sean Hannity.
  • The death of Lester Holt’s moderating spine.
  • Trump saying that he was smart for his tax evasion.
  • Hillary’s sick burns.
  • “WRONG.”
  • Donald Trump’s superior temperament making itself apparent.
  • Hillary Clinton being “very mean.”
  • Hillary Clinton lacking “stamina” and “negotiation skills.”
  • Cybering with ISIS.
  • Apparently Donald Trump is backed by government organizations that aren’t allowed to officially back presidential nominess.
  • Bring back “stop and frisk”–even though it’s unconstitutional and using New York City as an example even though New York City crime rate went down they stopped.
  • When Lester Holt finally stuck it a little to Donald Trump during the birther discussion: “2013, 2014, 2015. It didn’t end when we got his birth certificate.”

Anything I missed? I also live-tweeted the whole stream on my personal Twitter: @elemonated. Don’t bother following me, honestly. All I do is retweet business articles, New York centric food, and perfume ads.

Have a great week guys, and come November, VOTE!

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