I’m having a pretty good day

I started my new job today. And the hectic craziness that is going to be my life until at least May. And if I have it my way, the rest of my non-retired life will be fairly similar.


Sleepy train station picture! One transfer, about an hour (more like 40 minutes), all-in-all a decent commute. I don’t start too early, so there isn’t that much of a fight for sitting room which is nice.


Hello Soho! Your streets are decently clean, your people seem relatively smiley, and your shops are all intimidatingly expensive looking. Also, everyone is attractive. I need to be attractive. I shall consult the internet on this matter.


THEY ALLOW DOGS AND THIS GOLDEN IS THE SWEETEST BABY EVER. I don’t remember her name but she’s so chill and cuddly looking and she’ll just lay there or stand there and let you pet her and hug her and if I ever need a pick-me-up I could just inhale the puppy fluff instead of making myself jittery from coffee.


What is this vibrant work space. I didn’t take a picture of the room I was actually in, but the lights are a geometrically shaped wire frame, kind of like a fractal. There’s a keg on tap: they cycle between Brooklyn Lager, Yuengling, and “something special.” The bathroom has a mouthwash dispenser, and the wifi is fast and firm. The space is so comfy I don’t want to go back to school. I also found out my employer trademarked a bunch of companies I know and revere, that I’m in a building with a whole host of companies I know and revere, and I’m just going to have a great time.

IMG_20150204_133045Lunch: DUB Pie. NY Shepherd’s pie. Everything I wanted in today’s lunch. Only halfway through a lovely day!

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