Iceland Day 0

Mr. Chokkattu and I will be heading to Iceland tonight! In preparation, we’ve laid out some cursory plans, including a map lovingly and frustratingly prepared by yours truly:

and a private, flexible itinerary that Mr. Chokkattu wrote that has more specific locations and landmarks.

First stop: Reykjavik! I’ll be keeping an eye out for some local perfume between scouting touristy zones. I should be able to find Gydja, Ella, and Heiðar, though that last one seems a little more difficult to find with descriptions so maybe not. If I can’t get some samples, I’ll definitely scratch down notes for a quick review, especially for Gydja’s EFJ, which seems to be specifically created to market to tourists, with claims that it is made with glacial water from Eyjafjallajökull, an Icelandic glacier.

Like my trip to Miami, I’ll try to update the blog every day with pictures!

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