Iceland Day 5

After the mild debacle the other night, we woke up bright and early and headed to Myvatn under the advisement of the two young women we had met the day before even though we had planned to skip it because of the time we lost. Also as a result of the night before and how lovely and helpful everyone was, we decided to pick up two hitchhikers heading to Dettifoss as we were going to drive in that general direction to Myvatn anyway.

They were a couple that met in Sweden at a landscaping and architectural school, a young man from France, and a young woman from the Czech Republic and beyond comparing our experiences in school (it costs too much, and you learn way more working) and discussing summer employment in Iceland (they both worked at Jokulsarlon, him a boat guide, and her a waitress at the cafe), they recommended us head to the Nature Baths in Myvatn, which is similar to the famed Blue Lagoon except much less expensive.

The water there is slightly viscous with minerals and other hopefully nutritious matter, and a long, hot soak is what Mr. Chokkattu and I needed before heading to Dalvik and Akureyri (we visited the geothermal field before the baths.) Unfortunately, we only stayed in Dalvik a short while as we were unable to catch the Fish Festival in time thanks to Mr. Chokkattu, but this left more time to stay in cute Akureyri.

Akureyri as a town was less industrial and slightly more colorful than Reykjavik, with a splash of charming murals on the sides of buildings and many great eateries in the general downtown vicinity, and after eating our fill, we settled down in the car again before driving back towards Reykjavik.

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