Woman crush of the week: Tracey Stewart

I know I’m supposed to wait until tomorrow, but I have time now that I don’t know when I’m going to have later on this week, so I just wanted to make a short post high-lighting how cute I think Mrs. Stewart is!

(Also, I WILL put up a post detailing my Saturday at the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball, hehe. Once I get some time and regain some energy!)

Tracy Stewart Counts Her Sheep, and More – NYT

You may have heard that John and Tracey Stewart are opening up a Farm Sanctuary branch in Middleton, NJ. Farm Sanctuary is a 29-year-old nonprofit dedicated to ending inhumane farming practices, and opening up an animal sanctuary seems to have been Tracey’s desire for a while, if this quote is any indication: “When I first started dating Jon, I would get bothered by people coming up to us as we were living our lives and wanting to talk to him, but he would say to me, ‘Listen, I need you to think of every person who comes up as a baby sheep. One day, each one is going to be one more baby sheep you can have.”

Other quotes about the achievement of her dream: “I do feel like what Farm Sanctuary does is they do rescue and sanctuary of animals. And then without realizing it, they also do rescue and sanctuary for people,” she said.

Her smile is so lovely. her style is so comfortable and classic, and she seems so empathetic and down-to-earth. I’m so glad John Stewart found someone like her that can keep him grounded despite his old profession.

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