Quebec City Day 3

Last day mainly consisted of eating brunch at a super adorable place called Le Lapin Saute, visiting a frozen waterfall, and driving home. A sad parting from an adorable city with awesome people.

IMG_20160103_133822539 (2).jpg

License plate summary of my trip.

As we drove downwards towards the US, and then through New York state, the snow slowly melted away and the temperatures of this globally-warmed winter showed itself. By the time we stopped in a Five Guys in NY for dinner, I only had to wear a sweatshirt to go outside. Even a scarf was superfluous.

I also absolutely understand the Icelandic sentiment of keeping their nature (their “back yard”) free to explore. When we visited the waterfall, we had to pay this ridiculous $8 parking fee, they didn’t tell us the area beyond the bridge was blocked off (they said the stairs were closed, but then they block all movement outside the bridge unless you paid $35 for two to use the floating carts.) Didn’t have to deal with this ridiculousness in Iceland, and that was because the Icelandic advocate for their land.

Mr. Chokkattu is now off to Las Vegas to attend CES, so if you were hoping for better pictures, you’ll justĀ have to wait until next week.

Perfume reviews up soon: a small sampling of Tocca I got, and IA’s Every Storm a Serenade! I’m going to try to be more productive this week.

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