Tocca Reviews: Giulietta & Violette

Tocca is a brand that tries to embody an old world aesthetic and feminine sensibility. With its simple round bottle and traditional “perfume-y” notes, I can see its point, though it lacks some of the dirtiness I associate with a lot of old world perfume.

At their price point, this would be a great gift for someone starting out in fragrance who is perhaps a little too old for Bath & Bodyworks, cringes at the department store stuff, and values light and dainty things. The packaging, and the whole sweet and ethereal floral and fruity deal, is obviously staunchly on the girly-feminine side of things, but if that’s what you prefer, go for it!

These will be in installments of 3 so that my posts don’t stretch on.

Giulietta (fruity oriental)

  • Wet: room spray, softener sheet, apple
  • Dry: sandalwood, apple, iris, amber, orchid, softener sheet

Giulietta starts out with a blast of floral that would make Febreze jealous, and fades into something rather nice and warm. Mostly, it reminds me of removing dry laundry and then removing vanilla cookies out of the oven, which I’ve never had to do in my life, though I’m sure millions of people have done several times throughout this past season. It goes from a nearly harsh floral to a creamy light scent that doesn’t seem out of place on a nice person.

No, really, like any nice person. If you’ve never willingly ignored someone who’s dropped something, shut a door in someone’s face when you could have kept it open, gotten road rage, or blamed anyone else for unrequited love, or are currently grasping at this one is for you. Good job, you.

Violette (aquatic floral)

  • Wet: violet, bergamot, ginger, black currant
  • Dry: bergamot, ginger, coriander, mango pit, lily, violet, aquatic

I thought Violette smelled…oddly devoid of violet flower. Fragrantica called it a powdery floral. It starts off powdery and spicy of course, but then it goes really aquatic and doesn’t surrender the promised violet. This one was perhaps one of the most interesting simply because it wasn’t expected. It essentially turned into Ineke’s Gilded Lily drowning in rushing distilled water with some violet tossed in for good measure.

This one belongs on some jogger. Doesn’t have to be athletic, just runs enough to appreciate the refreshing qualities of some pretty water.


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