Tocca Reviews: Graciella & Cleopatra

The last of the reviews! They might get a little preachy, just a warning, and I paired these last ones because they are both meant to represent real people (and out of the ones I got are the only ones that are; Giulietta is named after a real woman, but is based on her and her husband’s relationship.)

Gonna say this right now, but Florence and Cleopatra are probably my favorites of the bunch! No surprise there.

Reviews a go!

Graciella (fruity floral)

  • Wet: gardenia, orchid, pear, peach
  • Dry: gardenia, peach, pear, orchid, resin, ylang-ylang, mimosa, bergamot

Graciella reminds me of another pretty girl, Norell, but while Norell is more decisive with its follow-through, Graciella becomes soft and powdery. I’m not too familiar with Grace Kelly, but I think Tocca achieved its goal of representing her through fragrance. It’s very “quiet confidence.” The fruit rounds out what could have been very astringent flowers and the powdery resins also gives it creaminess it doesn’t have at first spray. It also gives it a sort of warmth that Norell definitely doesn’t have. Graciella is a young woman studying to become a librarian and favors round glasses, soft sweaters, and cats who looks much better in your imagination than she does in real life.

I mean, she’s still cute, you just have an idea of her that just isn’t realistic. That’s your fault, not hers.

Cleopatra (fruity oriental)

  • Wet: patchouli, honey, pomelo, black currant, muscat grapes
  • Dry: lychee, black currant, honey, pomelo, patchouli, apricot, jasmine, amber, vanilla

This smells like a fruit wine that’s had honey poured into it. Very Egyptian, actually. For a second I thought it would be dirty, because honey can be an animalic, but it’s definitely not. It’s clean fruit with processed honey on a shiny white plate when I feel like Cleopatra should be ripe fruit with raw honey on a slab of granite covered in desert sand. A dash of human BO and odors unique to a woman. It would be so lovely if it were nastier. As it is, it’s flirty and sweet with its fruit and white flowers, absolutely drinkable, and even perhaps a tad much for daily office wear, but it’s certainly not as intelligent or strong or seductive as Cleopatra was. It’s a one sided darker scent for girls with conviction who aspire to take those roles of leadership and who haven’t yet hit the wall that is society’s war against female sexuality.

Perhaps she is bossy.

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