Imaginary Authors: Stories III (Every Storm a Serenade)

IA-logoI’ll preface this to say that when Mr. Chokkattu got Every Storm a Serenade in the mail, it also came with Cape Heartache and Yesterday Haze and Yesterday Haze had leaked all over everything. Mr. Chokkattu, who is not a big fan of fig, was not pleased and we tried to scrub it off our hands and off the other bottles and were unable. The other samples still smelled ostensibly like Yesterday Haze for a whole week, and it stuck to our hands for hours afterwards. Mr. Chokkattu also reported his clothes smelling like it the next day. So for all of you that really like fig and woods, but were concerned about longevity, don’t be. Yesterday Haze is a great fig. Get a bottle, have fun.

I have a lot to say about this one. Every Storm a Serenade is Imaginary Author’s “traveling by ocean” aquatic scent (read: woody) in comparison with their Falling Into the Sea aquatic scent, which is more “at the beach” and not a little soapy in execution. And Falling Into the Sea lasts an awful lot longer, which is unfortunate because I’m not that fond of Falling Into the Sea at this temperature, and like Every Storm much better.

Every Storm a Serenade

  • Wet: vetiver, spruce, calone
  • Dry: vetiver, spruce, ambergris, calone, orchid

Every Imaginary Authors fragrance so far has smelled similar in some way. Something softer and sweeter off in the distance that doesn’t have the sharpness or roundness that other niche brands have. They’re not quite sophisticated, but not weird and raw like an Indie fragrance or oil, I never quite paid attention to this note until now, and have decided that it is some floral compound meant to create the feeling of dreaminess. Urging the smeller to suspend their disbelief. No wonder these have gotten so popular with the younger fragrance crowd

Anyway, I’m a fan of Every Storm a Serenade. It smells like a freshly scrubbed captain’s cabin right before everyone sets off, pre-heated for the captain’s comfort, all prepped and ready for sail. Something about the dry wood and ambergris combination reminds me of old books and paper. It’s a little stale, like damp and re-dried paper. The calone is pretty strong in this one too, and strengthens after hours of dry-down, just like being at sea for longer would increase the “sea” smell. It’s really nice. I think after Cape Heartache and Air of Despair, this is one of my favorites of this line to wear.

Every Storm a Serenade

Shivering and wondering if she had jumped on just the wrong ship at just the wrong time, she put down the box of dried fish and nuts she had been nibbling on throughout the day and crept around crates toward the center of the ship. With a lot of effort, she jiggled and lifted the heavy, broken hatch. It was very late, and though later on during the voyage the crew would pay less attention to the rotation the day and night, the first night was for rest after a celebration. The only people still awake were the post guard and the ship’s captain.

Looking out for the guard, she made it to a blind spot and sighed gently into the sea air, the night shower gently dusting her hair and clothing. Whatever awaited her would have to be an improvement if it smelled like this.

Behind her, the captain had done some sneaking of his own, his eyebrows raised as he appraised the scrawny child he discovered before him. For a moment, he simply watched her take deep breaths and pressed his hands to his temple, a voice from far, far away resounding in his ear. Decision made, he tapped the startled girl on the shoulder and silently beckoned her out of the rain.

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