Tocca Reviews: Stella & Florence

I just have to say that the samples I got from Tocca are just so, so clean. I know I mentioned it earlier, but I just wanted to drive that point in.

Tocca is great for people who aren’t really into perfume per say, but enjoy their hand soaps and shampoos (as opposed to Philosophy users who aren’t really into perfume but enjoy their hand creams and desserts.)

And on continues the reviews!

Stella (fruity floral)

  • Wet: muscat grapes, lychee, orange, freesia, lily
  • Dry: orange, grape, lily, freesia, musk

Stella reminds me of your average suburban mom’s pretty fruit bowl from Pier 1 Imports on the kitchen island that she keeps excessively clean (and is also the reason why cookies in your household are more commonly plastic-wrapped, even though you gave her an excellent baking book a few years ago when she complained she didn’t have one.) It’s clean fruit juice with none of the dried sugar or ripe fruit smell that comes with having the real thing, and it’s wholly pleasant. Hand this one to a middle schooler and they would smell perfectly appropriate.

It would make most sense though on a middle school teacher; sure, no one’s going to notice it, but you know that you smell nice even though your classroom reeks of BO and Axe and that’s what counts.

Florence (fruity white floral)

  • Wet: tuberose, violet, bergamot, gardenia, apple
  • Dry: tuberose, iris, ylang-ylang, gardenia, melon, pear, apple, bergamot, musk

Whoo, this one starts harsh and then mellows out into this creamy, flower salad. The tuberose is front and center the entire time, and whatever powderiness beset it at the beginning fades a bit. Florence has depth similar to Violette but without the aquatics in the other one. Instead, it’s like the notes hang in a traditional way: the bright notes of bergamot and the astringencies of tuberose and apple sit above the tuberose and ylang-ylang’s creaminess, the melon, the pear, the general floral air. And all of it sits on a light musky floor, though it is a floor that might collapse from the weight.

The white flowers of Florence puts this one on the glamorous and adventurous side of these samples. Not to say that this is a super exciting fragrance or anything; the person who wears this is probably not quite ready for Carnal Flower or Fracas, but in a few years will only need to be introduced.

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