Barcelona Day 1

Some of you may know that every year the Mobile World Congress is held in Barcelona. If you knew that, you’re either Mr. Chokkattu or a huge tech nerd (or both), and as for the rest of you, the Mobile World Congress is held by the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association, a huge network of nearly 800 operators and more than 250 companies in the mobile sphere, every year in Barcelona and is essentially one huge conference with talks, lectures, exhibitions, panels, and demos.

Mr. Chokkattu got to go to this giant annual event and do cool things like interview tech disruptors and play with virtual reality goggles, and I just got a t-shirt.

Just kidding, he flew me out for the weekend immediately proceeding the conference.

IMG_20160226_025500489 (2).jpg

That first day, I arrived around 9AM or so and we immediately made our way to Museu Picasso, walked around the Gothic Quarter, ate at a Meson Tavern, watched three different street performers, went to Casa Mila (also known as Casa Battlo), walked around Passag de Gracia, walked Las Ramblas, and headed into Mercat de la Boqueria for a quick bite!

We also packed in the Museu del Perfum, but I’ll detail that in its own post.

First day was incredible! Next time I would also go to La Boqueria earlier for more nibbles; the croquettes we got were great, but the stand closed (around 8PM we think) after selling them to us, and it was obvious they weren’t at the optimal temperature. And being able to see old school Spanish architecture stark against my first taste of Gaudi architecture was delightful and gorgeous. I highly recommend Casa Mila/Battlo!

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