Barcelona Day 3 (Last day!)

Finally! all of you who actually read my blog say. Or oh it was three days instead of two I guess that’s nice. maybe. Regardless, last day!


In this last installment, we go back to the Gothic quarter and walk around downtown and near the harbor. Not pictured: me trying on my first Desigual (an awesome yellow jacket and a less than flattering black and white dress that really only looked good on me with the jacket), the fifty million perfumes I smelled at La Basilica Galeria, Museo Maritim (the famous boat museum, very lovely, just a bit dark for photos) or the majority of Montjuïc Castle (honestly, it was mostly walls so I don’t feel bad about this one.)

Paella is absolutely delicious and I think the amount of espresso I drank that weekend was more than my body should have been able to handle.

Downtown is much more vibrant and modern than the Gothic Quarter for many reasons, so if you prefer to sunbathe with dogs and kids running around near a gorgeous dock and a gigantic mall (as many locals seemed to prefer) I highly recommend the area near Columbus Circle. Vibrant and fun, it caught a lot of light even when it was cloudy for a moment. But no music buskers that we saw unfortunately, though the giant mall, like every mall, was blasting something or other.

Pro-tip, on Sundays the museums, including Montjuic Castle, are free (we were told all of them were by the attendant at Museo Maritim, but you might want to double-check before you visit too!)

I absolutely adored quirky Barcelona and can’t wait to do it again!

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