Cheap Fragrances Review – Amazon Edition

Now that I’ve graduated school and have a job, you would think I would be less broke but that assumption is incorrect. Being a hedonist in a city is quite the balancing act, though I think I’ve been balancing it well, and my business school education definitely comes in handy when it comes to budgeting and restraint.

Because of my limited spending money, I think it’s worth taking the time to troll grey market sites and second-hand stores for gems. This time around, I stumbled around on Amazon and ended up picking out three that I thought would be diamonds in the rough.

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Things I adored about Iceland


A picture Mr. Chokkattu took of me while we were on a kayak.

This will be my last post explicitly about Iceland!

So we all know now that I adored the country of Iceland, and I want to go back some day really, really badly, with maybe a job long enough to support me for a few months or just some more cash in my pocket. And that the scenery is beautiful and the landscape breathtaking, etc. But I have to share some of the specifics I jotted down. Some of them are important, some of them are surprising, some are less about Iceland and more about trips in general, and some are pretty stupid but whatever they seemed important enough to write down at the time. This list is a little long, so let’s get started:

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The boys have been getting into more and more hi-jinks since I last posted about them. Bloo tried to make copies of himself. (With the aid of Mr. Chokkattu of course.)

Fortunately, Bloo, being a stuffed representation of a dog, doesn’t copy well so there is not evidence beyond these pictures of this particular incident.

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Honeycomb Candy with dark chocolate and other nonsense

That’s what I did today with Mr. Chokkattu.


Recipe from the SORTED boys, whom I met the other week when they visited NYC for the Today Show, cheerily enough. I think I love them more now that I’ve met them. They’re a little shorter than I thought they would be, but at 5’1″ that’s not really a thing I can get hung up on, haha. This one’s my favorite picture. Credits to Mr. Chokkattu, linked above.

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Hershey vs. the UK

That’s insane. I understand Hershey has a trademark to protect, but overseas Cadbury has this lovely distinct taste to it that the ones created here simply don’t have. I can’t believe Hershey was able to block the importing of decent eating chocolate. LBB Imports, the name of the company Hershey sued, cannot sell imported candies such as Toffee Crisps, Yorkies, and Maltesers, as well as candy with American equivalents like Cadbury, Kit-Kats, and Rolos anymore, and the lawsuit was dropped. It’s like an affront against globalization though.

We’re already facing a chocolate shortage. I am now even less likely to buy Hershey products, and I originally had only really liked Kit-Kats, Reese’s Pieces, and York Peppermint Patties, none of which I purchased on anything resembling a regular basis. They may have a right to protect their trademark, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The Rise of the Gourmand

Here’s Why Women Want To Smell Like Dessert

You might not know the term, but everyone’s smelled a gourmand before. Just step into Bath and Body Works for titles like “Warm Vanilla Sugar” and “Winter Candy Apple” to get a sense of the category. Gourmands are fragrances reminiscent of sweet foods, like desserts.

This category is still a fairly tween/teenager-run show, but I haven’t necessarily seen a big change in what people like as I’ve gotten older. Now I buy Philosophy gifts for my friends instead of Bath and Body Works sets, but they still have names like “Vanilla Birthday Cake”, “Almond Glazed”, and “Sugary Cinnamon Icing.”

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Prada Candy L’eau Review!

My roommate uses the Prada Candy L’Eau and she’s a little apprehensive of the day when she actually has to shell out for an actual bottle it since all she uses now are the little samples of it she’s been hoarding. She let me try a bit and I thought I’d finally update with another fragrance review since it’s been so long 😀 

Wet, I get lychee in cooking sugar, and at first it’s actually quite similar to Hanae Mori Hanae Mori with its fruity and flowery bursts. It is, however, lighter and there’s a bit of violet that I get that I really like. It doesn’t open up my palate like Hanae Mori Hanae Mori does either. Fragrantica says the top notes are citrus-y, but I don’t really get that at all. It’s more like the citrus acts like the citrus when making apple cider; it doesn’t speak for itself, but it does add an important layer that lifts the entire scent.

As it dries down, I mostly smell cooking sugar (not quite the caramel listed on Fragrantica) and this faint, rubbery off-note, probably a side effect of the musk, that disappears fairly quickly. I get a lot of vanilla, and the scent really gets creamy and round.

After a few minutes, it smells like cooking sugar, vanilla, wildflowers and violets, and musk. It’s now much less fruity and much more mellow than the Hanae Mori Hanae Mori. It does actually make me feel a little hungry because it’s such a sweet scent. It’s been about an hour and I can still smell it on my wrists while I type even though I’m a good foot and a half away from my keyboard.

It’s very sweet and feminine, and a rather tasty scent, and if that appeals to you, definitely check it out. I can’t say it’s particularly sassy or flirty. I think it’s even a little too saccharine, without a lot of contrasting or sparky notes, for its name. Candy evokes a cute, innocent cheekiness for me; Prada Candy L’Eau was strong on the cute and innocent, lacking on the cheeky. Still, my roommate wears it contrastingly with moto jackets and acid washed pants and pulls it off splendidly!