Ormonde Jayne Rose Gold

I snagged this one up during Ormonde Jayne’s promotion celebrating the British team’s 67 medals in the Olympics! Too bad the US crushed that number with 121 medals and China edged you guys out at 70 as well, though Great Britain did get more gold medals.

Details aside, everyone did well this year at the Olympics and everyone had something to celebrate in Rio. Except, of course, for Ryan Lochte’s teammates who had to face the consequences of their (and his) actions while Mr. Lochte celebrated getting the hell out of Rio in business class and out of the clutches of Brazilian law enforcement; for a little while at least.

But I digress.


Ormond Jayne Rose Gold

Immediately, I get sharp but sweet tangerine which turns into a big pink grapefruit, heavy on the rind, incensey sage, tangy rose, a little mallow sweet, lily, jasmine, a touch of creamy resin. The sage is surprisingly strong, and though it wasn’t overwhelming, it reminded of me when I was at a Black Lives Matter protest in Baltimore last May and an older woman was walking around with a bowl of burning sage to keep away insects. It gives what could have been a very sweet fragrance deep savoriness and balance. It prickles a bit, like strong sage does.

The rose promised isn’t particularly assertive; its petals envelope the sage and citrus and all of the other bits of the fragrance I detect sit beneath it, like a bedframe if the bed was made of taif rose. The blend on this scent is great.

Rose Gold has a warmth to it, like diving into fragrant oil, and while it’s certainly very pretty, there’s a surprising amount of depth to what could have amounted to a run-of-the-mill fresh floral. Instead, it’s rich, layered, and spicy, which, for how “basic” the rose gold color has been these days, was a real surprise.

This isn’t a couch fragrance. Wear this if you can also pull off a short-sleeve skirt suit, preferably with pinstripes and sexy, sexy pumps.

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