Paris Je T’aime (Day 1)

I’m in Paris!


I’m also tired and it’s currently around 2AM French time, so I will keep this short and update more tomorrow with pictures.


Sneaking into the Pyramide de Louvre and the Pyramide Inversee because I had to pee so bad the guard just grunted and let us go in without a ticket. Also, rainbow pictures under the Pyramide Inversee.

Boutique Maille; delicious, delicious hot, savory, sweet mustards and a very nice sales assistant who just kept feeding us. We ended up purchasing the Chanterelle & Sorelle and the Gingerbread & Chestnut Honey (strange combo but delicious!)  It’s decently enough priced high-end mustard and they package for luggage at the Louvre for obvious reasons. Highly recommended; apparently French people do use Maille so no tourist trap here. Plus, there’s a New York-based store.

Jardin de Tuileries is a huge, lovely place to walk with art installations depicting a myriad of issues including a call for sanctuary for the refugees. There’s also a pond they’ve set up lounge chairs near and it was very comfortable just sitting there and relaxing for a bit.

Finally getting to try Boy Chanel; very fresh, airy and bracing. I like it. I also loved the Gardenia which was the most creamy gardenia I’ve ever smelled.

Oh Guerlain. So many options I hadn’t tried yet. I particularly enjoyed Floral Romantique and Gourmand Coquin. The Floral Romantique being a dreamy white floral, very sensual and adherent to the skin. It didn’t last as long on my wrist as the Gourmand Coquin, which hours later is emitting puffs of chocolatey air into my face. I can still recognize both which is good because we took a nap and made some handsy food since I first sprayed it on.

Our wonderful AirBnB host Maryline who left us a list of things and food places we have to hit, plus had packets of ramen in her cupboard for us hungry and poor to scavenge.

Pictures tomorrow!

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