Paris Je T’Aime (Day 2)

Christ, who’d would post a gallery about the second portion of their trip a month after their trip ended?! What is wrong with that person?


I’ve been busy okay. And being without proper wifi much of the time doesn’t help a stitch.

Since I’ve gotten back I’ve hit the ground running at 96 Spring St., the Google experiential pop-up shop that I was conscripted to work before my trip. Between my two jobs, plus freelance work, I’ve been slammed for time. Juggling everything is actually beginning to be a problem, so I’m thinking I’ll drop something in exchange for, ya know, my life.

If you haven’t been to the Google space, it’s on 96 Spring St. in SoHo and I really want you to come down! It’s fun and interactive and it’ll only be around until the end of December. I’ve already had a bunch of people come down and visit (thanks Julian, Jocelyn, Francesca, and Ben!) and I really do love seeing everyone even if it really can only be for a few minutes.

But enough about how busy I’ve been, time for some pictures of my second day in beautiful Paris during my few days of unbeholden exploration in France.

Next day coming up…soon?!

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