Chris Collins

Really quickly, and I acknowledge this is a weird way to jumpstart my blog again and I’m going to go ahead and promise absolutely nothing, I wanted to write about this brand I’ve never heard of and was wholly uninterested in until I did this year’s Sniffapalooza Fall Ball and the brand was at Bergdorf Goodman.

  1. Wow I wish I had stayed and grabbed two of the discovery set I’m pretty sure Chris himself was giving out because I only have Dark Romance and because I thought they were all so interesting that I reeeally wish I also got a packet with Harlem Renaissance in it. Also, I am so sorry if I seemed standoffish. Whether or not that was Chris Collins, you were very handsome and I didn’t actually speak to you and that was my error. Thank you for stopping me and giving me a discovery envelope anyway.
  2. I think I really need to be in a particular mood to enjoy those kinds of events these days. I feel like I got overwhelmed really easily this year and part of it was me really not being able to capture the attitude I wanted to capture before getting there, and in general not feeling…capable is the word I want to use? I don’t think it encapsulates my inability to enjoy the event in a way that makes sense to you, the reader, but it makes sense to me and it’s 2AM so I don’t care.
  3. I don’t know why I always feel like I need to be demonstrative when that’s just not how I do fragrances. Most of the fragrances I love and actually use I had to get to know. I’m an inherently suspicious person, so I just don’t fall in love at first sight/smell/whatever. It makes me like the thing in front of me less if I have to act like I already adore the thing and that’s not fair to anyone, let alone the creator. So now that I’ve had a moment alone with the Dark Romance fragrances (and Oud Galore, which I notice is not listed on the Chris Collins website, so that’s interesting), I can actually say I really, really like these.

I’m going to try to write some focused reviews on them within the next few weeks (and on Elisire Desire/Elixir of Gold which I actually purchased that day) partly because I already started a short story based on Tokyo Blue, and partly because I want an excuse to purchase the Harlem Renaissance discovery set. Check him and his website out in the meantime!

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