Independence vs. Security


After 3 straight nights of shots. Granted, not many shots per, but still.

I’m writing this at my parents’ house next to my boyfriend in the room I slept in when I was in 8th grade, under the covers of a decade-old sheet and pillow set, on a super comfortable mattress we purchased in 2008 that has my body indented in it. Read More

Academic freedom

My law professor is so bad at enforcing academic freedom. As defined by Stanley Fish during that seminar that I attended for him and a bunch of presidents/deans, and presumably in his book that I never bought (though I’m tempted to), academic freedom is the ability for academia to traverse all routes of truth with their students with the condition of refraining from affecting where those students go with their thoughts. And seriously, we can’t get through a class without him stating his views under guise of showing us where he’s coming from. It’s just unnecessary all of the time, and this is coming from someone who agrees with him.

Then again, we are studying law which is inherently political, unlike English, which is and was Professor Fish’s realm. My professor seems to think confirming his views over and over is necessary for some reason. It skirts dangerously close to making the classroom a sound board though, and I think all of the men sitting in that seminar would agree. They have, and would, all take a more way conservative take on teaching, even if it seems like the majority of them identify as perhaps middle-left, or middle-right. They would be authoritarian and respectable where my vegan, leftist professor is very conversational, even a little bumbling in a charming way. (He literally just said he was vegan.) I can’t imagine him being okay with the constraints Fish sets for academic tutors and for their pursuit of academia. It’s hilarious thinking about Mr. Fish trying to convince him that his teaching methods aren’t respectable, but I guess that’s why he teachers at my school and not at NYU or Yeshiva.


artwork by /u/motivatinggiraffe aka Penny Redshaw

Some days I need to remind myself not to give in to my emotions.

Today I won’t be angry. Today I won’t snap. Today I won’t cry. Today I won’t shirk. Today I will be productive and not let anxiety destroy my work ethic or my relationships. Today I will let bygones be bygones, and eventually bygones will actually be bygones and I’ll have let them go with practice.

Usually, if I’m emotionally drained, this is all easier, weirdly enough. And I’m a little drained, not going to lie. I haven’t really been given a rest yet.

Or if I can pour a little of it out, I can deal with all of it easier. It doesn’t threaten to tip over.

To accomplish that, I’m going to make a list of things I get to do if I do what I need to do.

I can:

  • Find an interesting article and write about it
  • Write a poem
  • Work on a composition
  • Play videogames
  • Catch up on Youtube videos
  • Play The Sims/maybe download Sims 4
  • Go to the library and check out books
  • Fiddle with my phone

if I first:

  • Finish my schoolwork
    • Consumer Behavior, then Marketing Consulting, then International Business, then Politics and Literature
  • Finish polishing my resume and apply to the places I wanted to apply to
  • E-mail a company about a misunderstanding

Okay. I can do this.

What to do with too many toys

What to do with too many toys

When I was younger, I was offered a lot of different toys. I was given Barbies I utterly destroyed, stuffed animals that I hoarded, puzzles, play cars, Kinex-type things, Legos, the works. You know what though? I barely remember playing with any of it. My dad was annoyed that I didn’t really want to build things with the map and pieces already laid out for me, and likely took it as a sign that I was a silly, unintelligent kid. I never liked following the directions because it felt like tedium instead of play. Anything that came with an end goal excitedly insert in or on the box bored the heck out of me.

Instead, I remember a scarf I used to tie under my arms and the pillows that would end up all over the floor and the warrior princess I would pretend to be fighting indescribable monsters and losing indescribable friends along the way. I remember going around with my friends and collecting random weeds and rocks and creating potions and casting spells all over the neighborhood. Always wanting to go “hiking” (walking around the few hundred yards of hill and tree around our houses) with the boys in my neighborhood.

Or else I would read.

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Let’s start this show, shall we?

Hello drearies!

I’ve had this WordPress for quite a while and created it mainly to follow my culinary friend who’s currently based in Canada and whose WordPress is private. (And currently inactive, unfortunately!) So I decided it may be time to start writing, and that’s what this post is about.

I love sharing and discussing things that interest me, and those things range from insightful articles about gender, culture, and business, to books and short stories that catch my mind, to music, and to fragrances and sweets!

I’m going to try to post at least twice a week with a new article or a review, and I’m excited to start the journey 😀