Bad influences

Bloo, my stuffed representation of the internet sensation Boo started smoking under the supervision of my boyfriend. I am so disappointed.

I decided it would be a lovely idea to leave Bloo with Mr. Chokkattu for a fun day at his office and workplace, to be returned to me the next time he sees me this week: Tuesday, if nothing goes wrong. The morning went fairly well:

And I thought my beloved plush was in well-meaning, if not the most responsible, hands. However, later on, I was sent these pictures from an undisclosed source:

I am so disappointed I don’t think I can go on speaking on this topic. Know that Mr. Chokkattu has been given a serious dressing down, and Bloo has been told that this behavior will not be tolerated as long as he lives under my roof. Smoking is serious business and can result in severe health-related consequences for a human, let alone a small stuffed representation of a puppy. Mr. Chokkattu doesn’t even smoke anymore! The level of my disappointment is unspeakable.

Other things that happened this week:

I cooked food for my boyfriend’s family. (I’ll write a separate post for this.) I went to a fashion show fundraiser for human trafficking.

I went hiking for the first time and walked on a lot of logs.

And I got a lot of exposure on Reddit because I accidentally stranded my boyfriend in my basement at the behest of my unaware father.

tifuHave a good week, everyone!

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