Coldbrew’s on its way out

Last summer’s ice coffee method sweetheart is slowly becoming both mainstream (since Starbucks has picked it up) and losing the favor of hipsters all across the country in favor of a method that’s a lot faster and requires way less planning: the pour-ov– I mean, the Japanese method.

Which is basically the pour-over directly over ice. Apparently this both activates the flavors of coffee that don’t come out in cold water, and preserves them. You have to have it directly over the ice and leave almost no time for the coffee to be hot coffee though, or else you’re left with something metallic and weird, as demonstrated with the immersion method described in the article.

The resulting coffee is bright, aromatic and complex, and doesn’t suffer from the main flavor issue with cold brew: sourness. Sounds delicious! Since one of the main reasons why I don’t do ice coffee without milk in the summer is sourness/other types of weirdness resulting from the cold brew or double-brewed-hot-coffee-with-ice-added method, this might just be my savior.

I hope Modcup has picked this ish up. In the meantime, I’ll put my Burr to use and try it out!

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