The boys have been getting into more and more hi-jinks since I last posted about them. Bloo tried to make copies of himself. (With the aid of Mr. Chokkattu of course.)

Fortunately, Bloo, being a stuffed representation of a dog, doesn’t copy well so there is not evidence beyond these pictures of this particular incident.

The copier wasn’t the only machine not working for poor Bloo either. According to Mr. Chokkattu, Bloo had wanted a snack, but the snack got stuck. He didn’t end up getting a snack.


…so he threw a little tantrum…


…and decided to become a Sith lord. Ugh. Worse yet, Bloo is now using his new status as an excuse not to compromise with me on anything. Mr. Chokkattu, please keep a better eye on our stuffed representation of a dog next time!

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