How to wear perfume in summer


Photo credit to Mr. Chokkattu

It’s been humid and sticky and hot where I live since May, but I haven’t really talked about fragrance since I left school.

The article discusses two ways to go about the shimmering heat of the day: going safe and going big.

The usual response is to slim things down: “Citrus and crisp green scents are perfect in the heat,” says Angela Sanders of Now Smell This. “They read as ‘cold,’ and they burn off quickly. They’re the perfume equivalent of a gin and tonic.”

This is advice offered to a lot of people who work in close quarter with other people; pick something that isn’t going to offend anyone when it gets hot, and masks how much your pits smell like nachos even after a liberal coating of deodorant. Wear it because citrus in the summer makes sense, and hopefully makes the other person salivate. They also suggest modern takes on green notes: Hermes’ Un Jardin Sur Le Nil which to me is kind of weird and carroty; like picnic where you’re trying to share your meal with rabbits by leaving pieces of vegetables on the grass. Slumberhouse’s Pear + Olive, which I haven’t tried, but but their description and Fragrantica’s sounds lovely. Pear is yummy, but I’ve only smelled it in more “fall appropriate” interpretations: poached pear, spiced pear cake, etc.

Then again, why be conservative? The fact that scent gets bigger in heat can be used to your advantage. White flowers in particular – jasmine, tuberose, frangipani – are known to “bloom” in hot weather.

Since I’m young and forgivable, I tend to err towards the big side. They list my favorite inexpensive perfume: Lush’s Lust. I adore jasmine and I’ve been taking advantage of this hot weather by taking the little bottle I have when I go out. The sample of the Ropion darling Carnal Flower has also been serving me well in the sweltering heat, as well as my sample of Byredo’s Pulp which I reviewed a few weeks ago. The article also mentions Parfums DelRae’s Amoureuse, which sounds absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to give it a try.

I’m about to make a purchase on Twisted Lily too, and I’m most excited about D.S. and Durga’s Isle Ryder and the Rouge Bunny Rouge scent Muse, but there are perhaps a few very different surprises on the list that I’m excited to try as well!

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