Frapin 1270

Just received my little decant of this from a lovely person who decants quite often for cheapskate and indecisive hobbyists like me without trying to make a profit! Frapin 1270 is based off the year the Frapin family established itself in the Cognac region of France, this a is tribute to the creation of cognac.

1270  Eau de Parfum  by Frapin

  • Wet: grassy, pear, cinnamon, grape skin, plum
  • Dry: pear, cocoa butter, grape skin, plum, honey, autumnal potpourri (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, coriander, star anise), cognac, peeled wood

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I have a tendency to describe fragrances I like as “delicious” and “tasty” even when they predominantly smell like leather or animal musk. I don’t know what it is, but a good fragrance just makes me hungry. And 1270 is absolutely beautiful and actually edible. I think it’s a worthy tribute.

While there are lots of fruity notes, I wouldn’t say it’s fruity, and I don’t really pick up on the purported pineapple (though everyone else on Fragrantica has, apparently), though I do understand how the orange made it in. I was also told this would evoke coffee; I don’t get that either, and the “cacao” is less the dusty brown stuff than the white creamy vagueness of high-quality cocoa butter. It starts by pricking the nose with spice and a hint of dark wood, then lets the fruit and honey and milder woods melt on the back of the palate. Honey is one of my favorite animalics and I can get behind the use of it here: just enough to round it out without relying on powdery resins, no sticky feeling, which is very fitting for something that is supposed to smell like a distilled liquid and its surroundings. And I am certainly glad that these resins don’t turn powdery as many resins do on my skin.

Really the only downside to this one is that it’s not very seasonally appropriate. It’s too spicy, boozy, and heavy for spring or summer, so I’ll have to wait until a cold rainy day to wear it. Lucky (and unlucky) for me, my part of the the East Coast is “temperate” which really just means “moodier than a teenager” and there’ll be some days in the future where I’ll be picking this up while shivering.

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