5 Ways to De-Stress Your Hustle

Subtitle: Maybe if I write this out I’ll take my own advice or something I dunno.


Take your frustrations out on this very heavy cube in Astor Place. Alcohol not included but semi-recommended.

What is: hustling.

Hustling is when you bust that backside and get things done in a fast-paced, excellent way, keeping up energy and pace while doing so. If you rode the New York City subway anytime during the warmer months this year, Vitamin Water had a whole campaign about their difference elixirs supporting your hustle. Casper mattresses support your hustle. In fact, I think the only services not promoting a hard working culture were like, the antisocial Seamless/GrubHub ads and the StreetEasy ads targeting gentrifiers but I digress.

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Drummer Permanently Exits Panic! At The Disco


That’s another nail in the coffin of my childhood. I can’t say I was a very loyal fan; during Spencer’s original leave of absence I basically forgot about the band, and I didn’t listen to the second or third albums. It was weird when Jon Walker and Ryan Ross left, and I don’t listen to their music when perhaps I should. Ryan Ross was my favorite after all. That was probably a big reason why I stopped listening. Panic! At the Disco’s first album consumed an entire year of my young life, followed me through two more, dropped off the face of my earth, and then came back to me years later in the form of an internet friend telling me that they were listening to the fourth album and that I should give them another listen. He got me to download it.

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Daybreaker Party Halloween!



Today I said good bye to sleep and hello to…morning?

That’s right. I left at 5AM for a 6AM party on a boat in New York City filled with EDM music, costumes, juices, coconut water, tea, coffee, and KIND bars. And it was brilliant. There was a newscast from Univision talking to Spanish-speaking guests. CBC 2 was there, I think, and some other news channels as well.


The sunrise was gorgeous, and the boat took us past lower Manhattan to near the Statue of Liberty. There was a helicopter taking air shots and showing off above, and the sun gave everything this rich glow that I haven’t seen in months of sleeping in. All of the food provided was decidedly healthy; veggie juices, juices with chia seeds, Runa drinks, Chameleon Coldbrew, protein shakes, coconut water, and AMAzon coconut water/tea drinks (I linked the brands I remembered!) The only solid food I could find were the KIND bars, which was considered pretty healthy as well. I think they were helping sponsor, or had an ad spot because they weren’t just set on a table with everything else, and someone was physically handing them out.

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15 Songs This Former Emo Kid Will Never Forget



The quintessential hot emo guy looked like this. If I recall correctly, he’s some DeviantArt chick’s younger brother and he probably has a mortgage now.

So I didn’t like Buzzfeed’s list. I’m going to make my own, shorter list instead. Not in any real order, and I tried to keep the list to one-band minimum, even though I used to have the whole Ocean Avenue, Riot!, and A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. Mitigate the bias just a little, ya know?

1. I Will Follow You into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie

2. My Immortal – Evanescence

3. Emergency – Paramore

4. Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance

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Life Update

Things I wanted to mention about my life:

– Finally getting off my ass and applying to jobs. I feel like I’ll be able to pick up the pace soon. Revved for success and all that jazz. My current desire to use all of the buzzy idioms I know is indicative of this mindset change. Also, I finally care about school this year after like, a month and a half of being here. Maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to the balance I want. I have to set a few more boundaries, and maybe let a few more things go, but overall I’m less stressed than I was earlier this year.

– I want to start making music again, effective immediately when I have time. The last piece I finished was last year, and that’s depressing.

– I’m getting a new phone soon, thank god. I am increasingly feeling unable to deal with my phone, especially since I’m expected to constantly be connected. My boyfriend wants me to get the Moto G, and I actually really like it so I might do that.


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What happens when we grow up

A kid around my brother’s age just committed suicide, supposedly by overdose.

What am I supposed to say?

I told him I’d make sure his spirit felt me punching him in the face if he did that to himself. We laughed. I told him to do put away the dry dishes so that I could wash and dry the dirty ones like he didn’t just tell me that.

I feel unsettled.

How we all miss the point on school shootings

How we all miss the point on school shootings

How We All Miss the Point on School Shootings

But this “witch hunt” we go through every time a school shooting happens is a total ruse. Elliot Rodger didn’t become a killer because he was a misogynist; he became a misogynist because he was a killer. Just like Eric Harris didn’t become a killer because he loved violent video games; he loved violent video games because he was a killer. Just like Adam Lanza didn’t become a killer because he loved guns; he loved guns because he was a killer.

Not going to lie, while I enjoyed this editorial and I resonate with many of its ideas, the solution he proposes is so, so much easier said than done. Most of us have grown up shutting out those in pain because there were just so many of those in pain that it would put us in suffering to even acknowledge all of them. Or at the very least, that’s what we were told by those guiding us through life. That you can’t help everybody. That you can’t touch everyone. If someone shoots up a school, goes on a stabbing, commits suicide, then ultimately, that was on them.

I’m reminded of “Riley Rewind”, which was a webseries written and directed by Ray William Johnson and Anna Akana.

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Net Neutrality in the Library

Net Neutrality in the Library

One of the big questions that gets left unasked in the debate between Silicon Valley and the big ISPs is the bigger issue about how this affects the public interest and public institutions. This has not been addressed in the debate on net neutrality through the years: What are the costs to public libraries, to state colleges, to K-12 schools, to local governments and other not-for-profit organizations that provide significant public services?”

I’ve always had computer and internet connection (perks of having parents who do computers for a living) but the number or my peers and kids both older and younger than me over the years using the computers in the library and at school to succeed in my fairly wealthy school district would probably be surprising if I weren’t so used to it. Not everyone has a computer; not everyone can afford one. As the article mentions, letting corporations essentially privatize internet service means it’s that much more difficult for public institutions to serve their public on a passable level.

Now, one large argument against what’s covered in the article is “Well obviously they’re going to exclude public orgs..”

Okay. And so what happens when the public catches on that it’s easier to go on the internet at their school or their library? Overcrowding. These places will have to either suffer or have to find the money somehow to expand their servers. Eventually everyone, unless they pay a premium, will have to get used to subpar service or else not use one of the greatest informational pools ever created. Not to mention that there are a ton of different ways to break or get around proxy servers and staff can’t catch all of them right now as it is.