Buly 1803


Buly 1803 opened as a cosmetic and fragrance store on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Founded by Jean-Vincent Bully, who had a reputation for welcoming scientific breakthroughs into his cosmetic developing methods, in contrast to many of the old-school perfumers who treated perfumery as artistry and preserved and kept secret old traditions in favor of the new. He invented new methods and new formulas for his products, and was well-regarded as a distiller, perfumer, and cosmetician.

However, like many unknown places lost to time, the original shop was bought and sold, and Bully’s materials abandoned. It was revived by Ramdane Touhami, a French-Morrocan entrepreneur who is best known for rebranding the 1643 Cire Trudon, once a royal wax manufacturer, to a globally stocked candle and fragrance house, available in 600 outlets in 54 countries, including Barney’s in New York, and his wife, Victoire de Taillac early 2014. The pair researched Bully’s archives and while the formulas are contemporary, they are made with old recipes; that is, they do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol and silicon, and some do not contain glycerin or alcohol, and are based off the properties of natural ingredients.

These days, L’Officine universelle Buly is on Rue Bonaparte in the Sixth Arrondissement, and keeping up with the times as always, they have several social media channels, as well as a tumblr and a Skype account where you can ask questions (buly1803paris.)

I hope to go visit one day!

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