Iceland Day 3

Obviously, I didn’t really go through with the updating every day thing because of the lack of strong WiFi and time, but I have finally finished editing day 3 pictures, so here you go! It was a little chillier on day 3 than the previous two days, and we saw a little less civilization and a few more sheep, which Mr. Chokkattu and I enjoyed. Day 3 consisted mostly of water and ice, but there were lots of rocks and mountains as well, and I’ll include a bonus gallery about mountain flowers too!

See if you can spot a few instances of a special little someone! Also, there were many more pictures of Mr. Chokkattu but I decided I’d save the rest of them for another post at the end of this picturesque journey.

One of the things I appreciated about Iceland’s tourism spots was the writing in the descriptions. Much of Iceland is quirky and fun and the short paragraphs about the landscape, weather, history, and culture reflected the real character of the country. My favorite line was one I read on Day 5 about a national park I will name once I get to editing those pictures:

“…the land is hostile, but giving. Even though rocks dominate the ground, they too are dotted with flowers.”

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